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New To The Store

  • ‘Spell of Desummon Titties’ Tee


  • Ouija Board Organic Canvas Tote Bag


  • The Tower Tee


  • ‘Summoning Hot Demon Titties’ Cropped Sweatshirt


  • ‘Summoning Hot Demon Titties’ Tee


  • Moon Phase Denim Jacket


  • Stave Blackout Window Curtain (x1)


  • Punk Witch Hoodie


  • Loki Urnes Snake Candle


  • Shapeshifter’s Helm of Awe Hoodie


  • Loki Urnes Snake Patch


  • ‘No Frith With Fascists’ Patch



  • The Brvtally Honest Tee


  • Death Throw Blanket


  • sun and moon rug

    Sun & Moon Rug


  • Pendulum Divination Mouse Pad


  • Shapeshifter’s Helm of Awe Pride Tees


  • Mjolnir Camping Mug


About Lockwood Metaphysical

Lockwood Metaphysical is a small, independently-owned workshop specializing in metaphysical home decor, perfect for witches, pagans, and general fans of the occult. All designs are created by myself—an experienced cunningman and lifelong artist—in ritual space in the upper Midwest. Each item is crafted one-by-one for individuality and character.

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