About Lockwood Metaphysical

Lockwood Metaphysical is a small, independently-owned workshop specializing in metaphysical home decor, perfect for witches, pagans, and general fans of the occult. All designs are created by myself—an experienced cunningman and lifelong artist—in ritual space in the upper Midwest. Each item is crafted one-by-one for individuality and character.

About The Artist

My name is Lysander, and I’m a lifelong and professionally-trained artist and a web designer by trade. I’m also a practitioner of Norse-Irish Polytheism—a Heathen, if you will. Prior to opening Lockwood Metaphysical, I noticed there weren’t many options for me in terms of witchy furniture. Typically, metaphysical shops focus on tools, statues, and books, and unless it’s Halloween season at my local Michael’s craft store, it’s not easy for me to get my hands on any occult-inspired home decor.

It’s my hope that Lockwood Metaphysical fills that need not just for myself, but for everyone looking to make their home a little bit more magical.

About the Name “Lockwood”

The name “Lockwood” refers to an enclosed grove. In ancient times, the Norse people treated such places as sacred. The idea of Lockwood Metaphysical is to be a place of enchantment.