Mjolnir Pocket Prayer Beads


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This set of pocket prayer beads is made of high-quality materials and features a sterling silver mjolnir accent. Made with four carefully selected stones—Larvikite, Baltic amber, citrine, and bog-wood—each bead holds its own special energy meaning. Larvikite is a grounding stone, known for its grounding properties and helping to calm the mind. Baltic amber is a symbol of protection, bringing strength and stability to its wearer. Citrine, known as the “stone of abundance”, is said to bring positivity and good fortune to its wearer. Finally, bog-wood is a symbol of ancient wisdom and is said to bring stability and grounding to the wearer. These beads are perfect for daily meditation, affirmations, prayer, and connecting to the Norse powers.

1 in stock

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  • Beads: Larvikite, Baltic Amber, Citrine, Neolithic bog-wood from Ireland
  • Hardware: Sterling Silver, silver-plated brass; nickel-free
  • Sterling silver mjolnir charm
  • Convertible; jump rings can be opened without harming piece integrity
  • Care Instructions: Clean with jewelry cleaner; avoid rough conditions; keep dry


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