wiccan rugIf you’re looking for an online store that carries Wiccan supplies and home decor, then look no further! Lockwood Metaphysical has you covered. We are a one-person studio that creates unique Wiccan designs for rugs, throw pillows, and other home accessories. All of our designs are hand-drawn in ritual by Lysander Knightly, who is both a practicing pagan and professional artist.

The Origins of Lockwood Metaphysical

Founded in the summer of 2022, Lockwood Metaphysical was inspired by Lysander’s enjoyment of nature, spirituality, and creative expression. Having been raised in a household that loves home decor, Lysander decided to start a studio that showcased his love of magic, his skill as an artist, and his delight in well-curated environments. As a result, he has created everything you see here, including the website itself!

Add Some Magick to Your Environment

Wiccan home decor can be hard to come by. In general, you have to be creative with it. Most stores only offer witchy products that belong in the realm of trinkets and books. However, these items can feel a bit out-of-place in a typical room. That’s where Lockwood Metaphysical comes in. We are an exclusively witchy, pagan, and occult home decor store that offers a wide range of products that make your home feel more naturally and spiritually inviting. Additionally, magickal decor is a great way to bring a sense of magic into your own home. It can also help you deepen your spiritual practice and learn more about the paths you follow. You can start by browsing our selection below, or by simply navigating using the menu.

A Wiccan Online Store You Can Enjoy Supporting

Our online store is open 24/7, and we offer free shipping on orders over $100. Browse our selection today and find the pieces that speak to you! We offer an extensive collection of witchy items that are perfect for any modern Wiccan’s home. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook to keep updated on sales, events, and more!